Company Info

MORINGA TRADING CO.,LTD was founded on Feb 05, 2015 by Mr. SRIRAM KARUNANITHI (US investor as a president) and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry  and Handicraft, Cambodian Organic Agricalture Association (COrAA), Pasteur Institue of Cambodia. Our moringa farms are located in Battambang province and all Moringa Trading products are organic and only use natural fertilizer and natural pesticide.


Our Vision


We aim to put our product into arm's reach of every consumer in Cambodia and the surrounding region. We are committed to promoting our products so that all Cambodians are aware of the health benefits of Moringa and we aim to put our product into every household in Cambodia.


Our Goals


Within 5 years we want our products to be recognised by consumers and to obtain a 50% market share in Cambodia. 

Within 2 years we will push our products to neighbouring countries.